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Basic Forum Rules

1) Please refrain from posting copyrighted material.

Assume content from the web is copyrighted, and link - don't copy/paste. If you're a site owner and find a case of this mods missed, please kindly contact an admin and we'll take care of it ASAP.

2) No Advertising unless stated otherwise. That includes "business" URL's in signatures.

An ad is any URL, promos, etc. that have to do with your business in a post or signature or reply, even if it's not a direct sales pitch.

For instance, if you're posting a promo for part of your business site (often signing up for multiple online forums/sites to post it), it's probably an ad. Hoping for new customers/visitors because of it? Probably an ad. Posting short replies in order to get your siggy w/URL all over the site? That's advertising. We found out long ago that after banning "10% Off" type messages, spammers found alternate ways of promoting their businesses here by disguising promotions within different messages or pleas. So we started getting a different kind of spam, hence the all out no promos rule.

Exception: All loyal members eventually attain Premium Membership. Premium Members can post in the ads forum. We figure no one would fellowship with us that long, for Premium Member Status/Ranking, just to post an ad there!

3) No Hate. Practice the Golden Rule.

4) Please respect forum leaders. They are literally God-sends. They aren't allowed to act "for personal reasons." So if they move a thread, remove an ad, or ask you to edit "read your bible, missy" out of your post, please respect their moderation. Most of them have been moderated in the past, too.

I know this can be hard because it's natural to feel a sting from any level of correction or to feel defensive, but please know they are just doing their job and aren't making moves out of fury, judgement or favoritism.

Sometimes moderating comes down to "erring on the side of caution," so some posts are moderated "just to be safe" and not because our guidelines were outright broken. We do have to think things through, carefully, quite often. Those situations go to the Global Moderators and Admin, to carefully work out.

5) Read Guidelines. A few forums, Controversial Topics for instance, carry extra guidelines and cautions. Please check them out before participating in those areas. They all carry an expectancy of self-moderation.

Most forums have some set of rules, and they vary. We do our best to be gentle when one is broken or any comment is borderline per our guidelines. It's best to read through a forums custom rules, whatever forums/sites you sign on to, to have the best experience possible.

Monetary Gifting to Another Member

Privately, we have no control over whether one member sends money or gifts to another. Members are certainly welcome to follow the Holy Spirit's leading and help each other discreetly in this area. Publicly, we don't allow this in order to protect members as a whole. The main reason being we've received many emails attempting to scam us, and I'm sure the same people try to sign on to the forums occasionally. And while I wish helping trusted and long-term members in this way was an option, another consideration is that we have many members whose families are struggling financially. A public, group effort on the site could very easily lead to hurt feelings and accusations of favoritism, when one member is helped and others are not. We can try, when asked, to offer some guidance on real life services, churches, and organizations that can help families. We will bump a thread about this occasionally as a reminder.

Picture Policy

We have a forum for pictures within the Premium Members area. Otherwise, post at your own risk. People are more likely to steal pictures from the public forums. If you want to add more precaution, learn to add transparent or opaque lettering to your photos using a graphics program. Also, while modesty being important is almost universally agreed upon at C'Moms, we have a wide range of boundaries in this area. Keep in mind the stricter boundaries when posting pictures, uploading avatars, or uploading profile pictures and albums (no cleavage, no shirtless men, no sexual PDA, etc.)

Legal, Medical, and Other Advice

A reminder of our TOS The information provided in this site, or through links or comments from forum members, is not a substitute for legal or medical or professional care, and you should not use the information in place of a professional consult. Please seek the advice of your attorney, physician or other provider. C'Moms is not liable or responsible for any advice, course, diagnosis, information, services or product you obtain through our entire site.

Ranks and Premium Membership

Rank TitleM Required Posts Additional Info
Administrator 0+
Global Moderator 0+
Moderator 0+
Member 0+ Default rank for new members.
Premium Member 70+ Must also have been an active member for more than one month (30 days).

Benefits of becoming a Premium Member

1) You may (finally) post ads, in the Member Ads forum!

2) The forum for WIVES , PHOTO GALLERY, JOURNALS, and the CONTROVERSIAL topics will be open to you! Plus another Miscellaneous topic forum!

Premium memberships are given out by hand. If you fit the above requirements, you can PM Joy and request admission.

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