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I found some washable cloth sandwich bags at a Whole Foods store. These will be great for packing oldest DD's lunch for her hikes!

Amazon has cloth sandwich bags too.

It's amazing how little I need to spend on consumable household supplies. We don't have to buy garbage bags, ziplock bags, paper plates, aluminum foil, paper towels, napkins, etc.

My consumable household supply purchasing mostly revolves around stuff like soap.
Edifying Bible Topics / Re: Quotes for the Journey
Last post by Madre -
"Bid faith look through the key-hole of the promise, and tell thee what it sees there laid up for him that overcomes; bid it listen and tell thee whether it cannot hear the shout of those crowned saints, as of those that are dividing the spoil, and receiving the reward of all their services and sufferings here on earth."

~ William Gurnall, from The Christian in Complete Armour
General Parenting / Re: Sad day today
Last post by alwaysgreener -
Thank you both.
My dd was tired when she got home. She did not eat her cold lunch (plus refused to eat breakfast this morning) all she had to eat was her snack which she ate at lunch time with out anything to drink. They did not make sure she had her cold lunch or got in line for a hot lunch. Little frustrated that they did not notice her empty hands. They have policies in place to prevent hungry children from going home hungry.
When she got home she chugged 2 bottles of water when she got home because she was so thirsty. Being a child care provider, lack of food and water just make me so frustrated.
She cried just before we had to leave this morning and said she did not want to go today. Then at dinner, she tried to tell us that she only wanted to go every other day. DH did not believe me when I told him that she was refusing to go to bed because she was stressed about school. After he prayed, she calmed down and went to sleep.
If I did not mention before, my dd is an introvert and she will most likely not talk at all in school for the first couple weeks to anyone, including the teacher. (she has been in Sunday school rooms since 8 months old and rarely talks to anyone for the whole time.)
General Parenting / Re: Sad day today
Last post by Madre -
Kay, I think you should cut yourself some slack.  You just had a difficult loss, accompanied by some real hormonal changes.  I'm assuming that this is your daughter's first year at school?  It can be sort of traumatic for a mom when she first sends her little one off to school.  And for the entire day! (Personally, I think that half day kindergarten was a good idea to sort of ease everyone into the separation, but that ship has sailed.)

Also, I think you made a wise decision regarding the seating.  Your daughter has a history with the other girl.  Maybe things will change for the better, but it's good to give them both some space.  And you don't necessarily have to agree to play dates.  They will see each other all day in school.  I found that when my kids came home from school I needed to do some catch up on their attitudes and sort of get them back into the swing of home.  So, maybe school will be enough for your daughter to be with other kids.  Also, just thinking, since you run a daycare, I'm sure there is no dearth of companionship for her.

I'm sorry about your grandma.  I know it was awhile ago, but you are in a sensitive place right now so it's no surprise that the devotional hit you the way it did.  I don't think we ever really get over losing someone.  The pain lessens, but the loss is always there.   :heart:
Edifying Bible Topics / Re: Quotes for the Journey
Last post by Madre -
"I believe that a godly home is a foretaste of heaven. Our homes, imperfect as they are, must be a haven from the chaos outside. They should be a reflection of our eternal home, where troubled souls find peace, weary hearts find rest, hungry bodies find refreshment, lonely pilgrims find communion, and wounded spirits find compassion."

~ Jani Ortlund
General Parenting / Re: Sad day today
Last post by jen1981 -
Hugs! I think you did the right thing with requesting a seat change. It never hurts to prevent drama. :)
General Parenting / Sad day today
Last post by alwaysgreener -
So today it hit me that I was officially out of time and my DD would be starting school on Tuesday.  Everything just seemed to tear me up. My dd kept telling me, "don't worry mom all come right home after school". I kept telling her that I was supposed to be the brave one. She never teared up once.

So tonight we went to the meet the teacher night. We walked into the room and had to find her chair. To my surprise she was sitting next to EX daycare girl that bullied, bite and hit her. Daycare mom bullied to me and got mad at me for terming. She is the one and only parent that is no longer with me for whatever reason that I see at the local store and local events from time to time.

Seriously, of all my worries on my dd starting school, this never crossed my mind. Daycare girl is older than DD and would have been old enough to start school last year. Daycare mom started Daycare boy earlier age than the state allowed (even though he was not ready). I figured he would do the same with Daycare girl.

Anyways, I talked to the teacher and told her that Daycare girl and DD did not get along in my daycare and wondered if the seats could be switched, she agreed and thanked me for the heads-up. Did I overreact? Would you have done the same?

What should I do if they get along and they want to have a playdate?

(They did get play well sometimes, but it was a roller coaster ride and competition with this girl. Her friendship was fake with dd was based on what she could get out of the relationship. She would whisper to my dd some mean thing when I was out of the room (I stood around the corner since I could tell there was something up) and she thought I was out of earshot.)

Then while putting dd to bed and reading her devotional, it was about losing loved ones and how they will live on in heaven. Seriously started crying again, as today would have been my grandma bday. I never get sad over losing my grandma, especially on her bday, especially since it has been 13 years since she passed. But it just hit me of all the devotional that I could have read today and all the days that this one could have been on, this is where it falls.
Edifying Bible Topics / Re: Quotes for the Journey
Last post by Madre -
"The unceasing activity of the Creator, whereby in overflowing bounty and goodwill, He upholds His creatures in ordered existence, guides and governs all events, circumstances, and free acts of angels and men, and directs everything to its appointed goal, for His own glory."

~ J. I. Packer
Pregnancy / Re: I got a positive
Last post by Happyblessedmama -
I'm so sorry for the pain you're going through. I pray for healing and peace in your heart and mind. Hugs!
Edifying Bible Topics / Re: Quotes for the Journey
Last post by Madre -
"Most good things have been said far too many times and just need to be lived."

~ Shane Claiborne
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