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He passed away naturally last night. The funeral and burial will be when my husband comes home for lunch today.
We have two goldfish. We've had them for almost 4 1/2 years. One of them developed a lump on his right side awhile back. For the last few days, he's been acting very sick. He mostly lays on his side in the tank. My prayer is that he passes naturally soon. I know that for most fish cancers, pretty much the only real treatment option is surgery and I'm just not going to attempt that or have a veterinarian attempt that.

If he doesn't go on his own soon, we'll have to consider euthanasia, as I don't want him to continue his obvious suffering. Clove oil in water is an effective and humane euthanasia, but I'd prefer not to have to make the call.
Edifying Bible Topics / Re: Quotes for the Journey
Last post by Madre -
"God has one destined end for mankind - holiness! His one aim is the production of saints. God is not an eternal blessing-machine for men. He did not come to save men out of pity. He came to save men because He had created them to be holy."

~ Oswald Chambers
Edifying Bible Topics / Re: Quotes for the Journey
Last post by jen1981 -
One of my favorite quotes, Madre! :)
Edifying Bible Topics / Re: Quotes for the Journey
Last post by Madre -
"Let us not glide through this world and then slip quietly into heaven, without having blown the trumpet loud and long for our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Let us see to it that the devil will hold a thanksgiving service in hell, when he gets the news of our departure from the field of battle.

~ C. T. Studd
Edifying Bible Topics / Re: Quotes for the Journey
Last post by jen1981 -
I like this, Madre. I think this is what it means to have an attitude of prayer throughout the day.
Homeschooling Moms / How is your year going so far?
Last post by jen1981 -
We just started our 5th week, and things are huming along. :) I'm using "The Mystery of History" this year and we love it!  We're strating earlier in the morning this year because of ds class and it's nice to be finishing earlier in the day. Ds is really enjoying his Aviation Maitenance course and he's also doing driver's ed right now.  How is your year going so far? Any changes from last year or new curriculum you're loving? :D
Pregnancy / Re: Movement
Last post by jy -
I hear you, girl.  I hated that orange drink test!!!  I usually failed with the last 3 babies.  Oh, well.  I was usually fine, as long as I kept up on extra greens, etc.  Yeah, you'll get the 'old talk'.  I had to put up with it, too.  God is with you and you have my support.  Remember doctors and nurses just try to scare you, because they want to go by the book. ;)  The Lord is your strength.  Keep being a happy mommy. :)
Pregnancy / Re: Movement
Last post by Melinda -
I took them with 1-4 and passed fine, I quit with 5 and 6, he only wanted me to do it with this one is because I am old, apparently at 37y your ancient to be conceiving *rolleyes* I have no one to take me nor do I have anyone to watch my little ones while I sit down there for 5hrs (45 min drive one way to ob) and if I had done the 2hr one my levels would of been dropped back down to normal and would of passed by second blood drawn, I still can't believe they still do a glucose test, there are other ways that aren't so unhealthy for you and the baby, frustrates me :/ lol
Pregnancy / Re: Movement
Last post by alwaysgreener -
I had to do the 3 hours for my dd because I was just under 140. I told them no, let's just pretend I have gestational diabetes and I will start testing and let you know if I am too high. They said no, that I had to take the 3 hour. My dh said he was concerned for me and he wanted me to take the 3 hour. I said but I passed the 1 hour. I did 3 hour and passed.
Anyways, I had my sister take me, just in case I felt flush.
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