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I wouldn't push to start her too soon on reading. This can strain their eyes and predispose them to nearsightedness and needing glasses. However learning can start anytime. You can count silverware while doing dishes, talk about colors while folding other words incorporate learning concepts in every day life. Some of my children were ready to start reading at five. And others weren't until 7 or 8. There is much to teach besides school subjects. Nature can be done outside. Plant a little garden and let them watch the seeds grow. Go bird watching. Identify trees... hands on as much as possible. Reading will come in time. We don't have to push the babies too soon. 😀However, they loveto be read to and the library is a good source of books on many different subjects.
Mine learned from the time they were born. Informally, just playing, reading, singing, talking until they were 5 and we started kindergarten. I never did any workbooks or curriculum type things until they started K., but we went to the library a lot to get books, talked about letters and sounds, numbers, etc. I always wanted them to learn through playing and to save more formal schooling until they had to start.
"Play is the work of childhood" - Fred Rogers

You have been teaching your child since birth. :)

What you described about the YouTube channel, sounds like "circle time". Which is a structured time during preschool and daycare where required (by the state) teaching activities occur. Most parents already do these activities through out the day during play.

I never did "circle time" with my dd (until I opened my daycare) but I would do circle time randomly through out the day, even when we were not home. (Yes I was that lady at the store that was singing the abc of key to my child as I shopped)

Little ones do well with lots of playtime and lots of reading out loud with Mama. That sets the stage for a lifetime love of learning and books.

I read to my kids a lot when they were little. We do formal schooling at around 5-6, depending on the child.  :D
I don't think there's a too soon. We start informally as soon as they show interest but nothing formal or regularly scheduled until 3 or 4, that's if they are interested and we make it fun fun fun. I think it's important to remember how much kids learn through play!
I dont think theres a too soon... kids love learning! As long as they are having fun they will think its a game. My son isnt even 2 yet and it amazes me how much they pick up on.
My oldest is almost 2 and I was actually thinking about starting to teach her now. is this crazy? i dont want to burn her out too soon, but i would love to be able to give her a head start with learning, i want her to love and enjoy learning. I am subscribed to a woman on YouTube her name is Jady A. and she started teaching her kids before age 2 by using flash cards. she only took about 10 mins every day and started by reading her child a book, then she would sing a song, then do the flash cards... but i was amazed at how well the 2 year can speak and READ. At what age do you think is appropriate to begin homeschooling?
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Hello and welcome! I'm gluten free too! The rest of my family isn't though but I try to limit too much baking and someone else has to do it.

Look forward to getting to know you!😀
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Welcome! We're gluten free too. Half the family is gluten intolerant so I cook all gluten free.
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The forum name was the same. It was at a different web location though. We've been at our current location for about three years.
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