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General Parenting / What does "nurture" mean?
Last post by Happyblessedmama -
How does a mama nurture a child? How is nurturing different from training or discipline? Just something I'm thinking about! Thought it would be an interesting discussion. 😄
NFP/FAM (Not TTC) / Re: Who's here? New NFP/FAM roll call!
Last post by Eva -
I'm a bit like Melinda except I don't chart my cp. I just chart my cm and use protection when I'm getting cm. So far it's worked brilliantly. We aren't planning any more babies but wouldn't be against it if it did happen. But so far charting my cm has been fine for not getting pregnant.
General Parenting / Clothing question
Last post by Happyblessedmama -
How much clothing would you keep on hand for a two week supply for each child? I only wash every week-ten days but am wondering if I can downsize to make the clutter more manageable. 😁
Homeschooling Moms / Re: What does your homeschool day look like?
Last post by jen1981 -
Most of our days go like this:

I'm up, shower, etc.
Kids up shower as needed, breakfast
Schoolwork- start with subjects that multiple kids do together.
Schoolwork until finished
Robotics, church, or family time depending on the day.
Babies / Re: On demand or scheduled?
Last post by Happyblessedmama -
Nancy has a whole book about The Power of Motherhood. A very thoughtf provoking resource. I highly recommend it.
Babies / Re: On demand or scheduled?
Last post by Melinda -
I had a bassinet for my others that went right next to my bed, at the time the ones that attached to the beds didn't come until later and by then I already was used to a bassinet pulled next to the bed, now with #5 I did a rock and play sleeper and that worked wonderful because they sleep inclined and with asthma running in the family and being born in the fall and winter they all seemed to get rsv and bronchitis and would end up sleeping in their car seat or swing because they needed to be inclined but #5 was able to stay in his rock and play, they usually held my hand or I had my hand resting on their chest, we had a queen with #1-5 and hubby being a big guy 6'5" 280lbs he took most the bed lol (I am not so small either at 5'9" about 40lbs over my ideal weight) with #6 we were able to get a king size bed and makes a lot more room, and #6 hated the rock and play sleeper, even pulled out the "old" bassinet and he hated that too lol and the crib was too far to walk too haha so that's how I found a way for me to sleep comfortably in our bed knowing he would be safe also
Homesteaders / Re: Training Our Daughters to be Keepers at 🏡
Last post by jen1981 -
Thanks, I get almost all our things through Rainbow. :D
Homesteaders / Re: Training Our Daughters to be Keepers at 🏡
Last post by jen1981 -
I'll have to check into that! With 3 daughters I think they would have fun doing it together.
Babies / Re: On demand or scheduled?
Last post by jen1981 -
I nursed on demand, but like Melinda said, mine made their own schedule pretty quickly.  I didn't co-sleep,but I did nurse them in bed at night so I could still doze while they ate.
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