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Toddlers and Popcorn
I really hate to even post this, but I need to.  Our daughter sent it to me since I babysit and I sent it on to another grandma I know.  It's a terrible tragedy and a warning.

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Re: Toddlers and Popcorn
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That's sad.  I never gave whole popcorn to our kids when they were little because I was worried about that. If we had popcorn, I would break off the soft outside parts and just give them that, but we didn't have it often.
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Re: Toddlers and Popcorn
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That is so sad, Madre.   :(   We knew about the hazards of popcorn, too, when the kids were little.  It's just scary thinking of your child choking.   :(  The article also mentioned grapes and such, that are the perfect size to become lodged in a little one's throat.  Another one not mentioned is hot dogs. 

Something else that I thought was important when our kiddies were little was not allowing our tinies to walk around eating food.  A lot of mommas find that unreasonable, but that's how my mom did it when we were little, so that's how we did things, as well.  Also, having littles sit still and focus while eating, rather than playing around while they eat.  Fewer accidents that way, plus less mess, which is a bonus.  Plus, I actually think it trains them to have better attitudes about food as they get older.  Kids are less 'snacky' and there's less mindless grazing. 

Another danger not as common these days is walking while drinking out of a glass.  Most littles have plastic sippy cups nowadays, which are much less dangerous.  But even for adults, walking while drinking out of a glass-glass can be dangerous.  If you fall, the glass can break and scar your face or lacerate an eyeball.  My mom's friend growing up fell while drinking out of a glass and scarred her face badly.  My mom felt horrible for her to have to live with such horrendous scars.  The little girl struggled with terrible self confidence issues.


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