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The struggling speller
My third grader is really struggling in spelling. He's just not a natural speller, and it is so hard for him. Does anyone have any good ideas for supplemental activities and such to help with spelling? We use BJUP, which has a list of spelling words to learn each week, with worktext pages using and practicing those specific words. I'm told it's a really hard program. We've used a little, but not very consistently. He liked being able to practice his words and have practice tests, but I didn't feel like we got very good results from it. I should maybe try using it more, though. Any other ideas or resources?
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Re: The struggling speller
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We used Words Their Way and it was fabulous! I dropped it once he got the hang of it but it did a great job of breaking it all down and I felt like it was flexible enough to use it how it worked best for us. We have used Spelling Power and he is flying right though it, spelling is actually comes to him pretty easy. :)

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Re: The struggling speller
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We use All About Spelling and we love it! Just 10-15mins for a lesson and I'm seeing such improvement in my kids.i think my Abby struggles with dyslexia but this is really helping her a lot. Her spelling has come on leaps and bounds in the last year since starting AAS.
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Re: The struggling speller
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We use All About Spelling too! :) All of my kids struggle with spelling in "real life". They do great on their tests, but have a hard time in writing  :/ I think part of it is they are in a hurry and don't really stop and think.
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