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Pregnancy check-in 3/28
Hello ladies,

How are we doing out there?

I've been to bed late a few nights lately and so I have been extra tired but otherwise doing well. I'm excited for my ultrasound this next Monday. I've finished making a list of the things I would like to get for baby. I'm feeling kicks and wiggles much more now. This is my favorite part of pregnancy!😁

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Re: Pregnancy check-in 3/28
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Bumping this thread!  :lovesmile:


Joy :welcomewave:

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Re: Pregnancy check-in 3/28
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I love when the wiggles are more defined and you really know that there's someone in there. :hug:

Re: Pregnancy check-in 3/28
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I'm also in the girl club! The score is tied. 4-4!

Re: Pregnancy check-in 3/28
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The ultrasound was still unclear. Doc is open for VBAC or section as needed. One thing to pray about. My placenta is low lying and anterior. Possibly still previa and possibly accreta. Will take another ultrasound on May 1 in 4 weeks. The blessing is that all of my birth team is united on doing whatever is best for baby, even my doula which helps me a lot. 😀
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Re: Pregnancy check-in 3/28
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Congratulations Celina!  :D
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Re: Pregnancy check-in 3/28
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We were switching rooms around because now the girls get the bigger room since there's 4 of them. It seems it was a bit too much because I've been having more contractions than I feel I should. I've been putting my feet up more and that seems to help. I guess I've got to take it easy.

Re: Pregnancy check-in 3/28
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After resting yesterday and today I'm feeling MUCH better. God is good!😊

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Re: Pregnancy check-in 3/28
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Sorry it's taken me so long to respond here! Life has been super busy, and we squeezed in a camping trip over spring break, and It's just been crazy.

I am 25 weeks today! My little peanut is growing and busy and I love feeling her be so active. Without a doubt that is my favorite part of being pregnant.  I am excited that I'm nearing the third trimester.... :-)

I guess I've been feeling pretty good overall. I'm exhausted all the time, but I think that is largely due to the hectic pace of life right now. I have been able to keep up with all the busyness pretty well--I just collapse into bed and then think I'm never going to be able to move again. The good news is that I've been sleeping pretty well, and even getting some naps in! My midwife encouraged me to really increase my calcium intake a few weeks back, and that seems to be helping me sleep well. I would much rather be busy and tired all the time but sleeping well than lying awake at night.

I have been really struggling mentally with weight gain this pregnancy. I think part of it is because I only gained 25 lbs my last pregnancy, and I liked that--but it's not going to happen again. I'm up 15 lbs already, and I've really been having to work to keep it that low. I COULD eat so much more!  The other part of this mental battle for me is that my husband and I spent last fall working really hard to lose some extra weight and get in shape. Before I got pregnant, I was feeling really good about my weight and fitness. It's been hard to watch the scale go up and to not be able to maintain that level of activity and fitness. But I am trying hard to keep it all in perspective! It is temporary, it is worth it, and I think my body is saying that I will need that extra bit of weight for breastfeeding. I just have to preach all this to myself over and over again every day!
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Re: Pregnancy check-in 3/28
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Hi Lynn,
Don't worry about weight. I'm 19 pounds above prepregnancy weight at 21 weeks. I know a lot of it is extra water. I'm not eating enough to gain 2-3 lb per week! If you eat right and get some mild exercise (if possible) you will shed the weight quickly after baby. 😀

I'm glad you're feeling well. I think my 38 (in 14 days) year old self is catching up with me!

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