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We're done!
We finished school last night!  Then left for the Super-Regional robotics competition this morning. :D I can't wait to enjoy this weekend and know we don't have to do school on Monday.   :winkblue:
Married to Andrew since Jan.2001, mom to Keith~Nov. 2001, Elayne~Dec. 2003, Eleanne~May 2006, Elysha~2009

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Re: We're done!
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Good for you and your kids, dear Jen!  :happygreen:

  • Joy
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Re: We're done!
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How wonderful, Jenny!!  What a great feeling!!!  :dance:  Have a great time this weekend and enjoy that free feeling, my friend!!  :happyhug:


Joy :welcomewave:

Re: We're done!
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Enjoy summer!😎☀️⛵️⛰🏕🏖🌈

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