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Re: Replacing disposable items with reusable ones
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Hello Ruth,
It's been a while but I am signing back in. We are moving into a house we will eventually use as a rental for the winter. I will have all amenities for a change. I realized how much trash we generate as we have no wood stove at this place. I will definitely be reusing things and trying to minimize waste. Things I am doing to start:
Recycling plastic bags
Using cloth diapers--I found all my g diapers and covers and a bunch of cloth diaper covers I cut out and need to sew.

Do you know the best way to care for the PUL fabric?

Re: Replacing disposable items with reusable ones
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Celina! It's so good to see you!

How is baby Heidi doing?

I always just washed PUL covers in hot water with soap, like my other diapers.

Recycling definitely cuts down on trash volume. Depending on location, it may be free, as well.

My family is moving to Tennessee and our new home is in a county with a recycling center that is very generous. They take a lot of things for recycling and also take household trash, all for free. I don't plan to pay for garbage pick up. I'll just sort my stuff (and compost food scraps) and take the recycling and trash into the drop off location.
~Ruth, wife to Tim since 11/6/05 and WAHM to Hannah (11), Micah (9), and Abigail (6)

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Re: Replacing disposable items with reusable ones
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Hi, @Happyblessedmama , it's great to see you again! I'm glad you're going to be having all the amenities for awhile! :D..
Married to Andrew since Jan.2001, mom to Keith~Nov. 2001, Elayne~Dec. 2003, Eleanne~May 2006, Elysha~2009

Re: Replacing disposable items with reusable ones
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After trial and error, I've found that I like using the canvas grocery bags best. They are much more durable than ones with plastic in them and can be washed repeatedly without falling apart.
~Ruth, wife to Tim since 11/6/05 and WAHM to Hannah (11), Micah (9), and Abigail (6)

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