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Toilet seat locks
Have any of you used those safety locks for the toilet seat to keep the little ones out of messes? My 1 y.o. DD has a fascination with toilets and loves to dip toys, clothes and/or play with the stuff. Ick!!!! Trying to find a constructive solution for this. Closing the Bathroom door isn't enough.

I've never had this problem so much with my other babies. I'm going to have to train her early because she likes to take her clothes off and mess with her diaper too if I don't change immediately. Aaauuuggh!

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Re: Toilet seat locks
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hehe!  :icon_lol:  We never used those locks, Celina.  In fact, I don't know how to work the ones I've seen and didn't know how to lift the lid.  LOL!  :rotfl:  Maybe a gate across the doorway would work?  Older kids could help younger ones get into the bathroom when they need to go, or the littles can come and get you.  Normally, I'd say to just keep a super close eye on the little one who wants to get into the toilet a lot.  Teachable moments.  But I know you need to be resting and probably staying down a lot more, so baby proofing is probably best for the time being.  :OKOK:  I guess the toilet seat lock would be the easiest thing, if the bigger kids can work it easily.  :happygreen:


Joy :welcomewave:

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Re: Toilet seat locks
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How about those plastic covers that fit over the doorknob?  You're not supposed to use them on outside doors for safety reasons, but I have one on the closet in my bathroom to keep the little ones out.

Re: Toilet seat locks
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I'm feeling much better than a couple days ago so I think I will be able to be up more but just cautious about lifting and being up too long. I might try a gate in front of the door to see if that helps. Closer vigilance has prevented any problems the past few days. She's mobile and quick. At 16 months she's already climbing onto her brothers bunk bed by herself. She started climbing into her high chair one week after walking. She's also a very tactile learner so wants to touch everything. She's a sweetie though. Just very ambitious and curious.

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Re: Toilet seat locks
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Glad you're feeling much better! I think that even with a close eye some baby proofing is still beneficial. We're very diligent and have still had things happen.. they're quick and ambitious and curious, like you said, even turning your head for a moment can be disastrous. And distractions happen, something as simple as another child talking to you or needing something, it's nice to have that piece of mind.

Re: Toilet seat locks
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I agree Jessy.😀

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Re: Toilet seat locks
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I agree Jessy also :)

My little one is fascinated with toilets! Oh my goodness ugh! lol I also have never had one that loved playing in the toilet, we keep the door shut and we have a plastic door knob cover over the door and that seems to help, but I do have a lot older children to help make sure it stays closed all the time, but it is completely gross when he does get in there because boys can never remember to flush the toilet :/
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Re: Toilet seat locks
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lol Melinda. I totally understand. I've never had one so insistent upon making a mess! One thing which has helped is to eliminate the small training potty out of the bathroom. I'm still working on getting new toilet seats with lids and a couple safety locks.

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