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Concerned about my daughter
My oldest daughter Allison is 15 and she has always been very tomboyish. She would never wear pink or play with dolls. Recently she has been hanging out with a group of kids who I think are gays. My family is a good Christian family and I live in a good Christian area. I am worried my daughter may be becoming a Lesbian. How can I prevent this from happening before it is too late and she becomes permanently gay? I have tried praying for her but nothing has changed, and telling her to stop hanging out with the gays only makes her want to be with them more. I love her very much so I am very concerned that she may burn in the fiery pits of Hell...

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Re: Concerned about my daughter
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Dear Julie, welcome to C'Moms!  :hug:  I'm sorry you're struggling with such a deep heart issue with your precious daughter right now, my friend.  We'll all be praying that the Lord will lead you in wisdom in how to proceed.  Unfortunately, this is such a personal and intimate family issue, we're not equipped as a site to counsel or advise.  I hope and pray you have contacts in your life who can help you and your daughter seek the Lord on His perfect plan for your sweet girl. 

Blessings, Sister!!  We're praying for you!!!  :heart:


Joy :welcomewave:

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