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How far is everyone now? How are you doing?
I'm 26+2. Overall ok. Starting to feel tired again. I remember with my last pregnancy I hit a wall about 26 weeks. It's time to slow down a bit and rest more!

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Re: How far is everyone now? How are you doing?
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Little over 9 weeks! Miserable sick, not meaning to complain because I am still pregnant and that's a huge blessing! Pretzels are my friend haha, I go the 30th for DNA blood test to find out what I am having, takes 7-10 days for results so should know it's my 7th boy at around 13 weeks lol and when I plan to tell the fb world aka as my family (like 90% of my fb friends are related to me, lol i dont have many friends lol,) oh my appt Tuesday went good, baby measured right on schedule and a good strong 180 heart beat, I decided to go ahead and tell the boys, the 2 older ones already knew because of me being so sick and the younger ones are overly excited, and surprisingly 2 of them are hoping for another brother lol anyway just praying June will hurry up lol
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Re: How far is everyone now? How are you doing?
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30 weeks now! Honestly, feels like I'm gonna be pregnant foreeeevvvvveeerrrr.  :o  I know, I am too impatient! I need to get over the mental hump of having two months left. Right now it just feels discouraging. The Lord gives grace and peace and strength.....

But I'm  getting really uncomfortable, even though I'm still not that big. (I actually scared the midwife at my last appt because I appeared so small. She relaxed as soon as she measure me and realized that I just have a super long torso. I really hide a baby for a long, long time....but I'm starting to appear quite preggo now! Might have to tell the neighbors, lol!) Not sleeping well and feeling very impatient and hormonal again. Baby is big enough to put pressure on everything "down there", and my entire pelvic area is uncomfortable constantly. Walking hurts and I just feel sore and achy all the time. I think it's mostly swollen veins and maybe some sore muscles and that hernia--honestly, I can't tell what all is going on. It just hurts.  On a positive note, my hips and back are doing pretty well, Although if I'm on my feet too much I can definitely feel it there, too.  I am having to force myself to get up and go take a walk or work out. I'm struggling to find a balance between knowing that activity and exercise are good for me in the long run, and listening to my body and slowing down. I just am not sure how hard to push myself. And there's the constant need to do housework and garden work and all that stuff, too.

Baby is doing well, moving and kicking and delighting us all with her busyness. I love that part of being pregnant. She reminds me constantly of what a blessing the Lord has given me in allowing me to carry another baby.  We all have a different opinion about names, so she remains unnamed.  :winkblue: I would love to call her Eden Faith....but I'm alone there, so I'm just waiting to see how things turn out. We keep tossing names about but seem stuck between Eden and Sydney. My husband likes Sydney, my son likes Alice, and so on and so forth. We've always reached a name my husband and I both liked eventually. But I think all our babies were pretty definitely named by this point!

Well, there are chores to do and grocery shopping and I really need to get off the couch and try to make this day productive! Celina, I love your peaceful, serene attitude. You are such an example! And Melinda, I am just so excited that you are still pregnant and have a strong heartbeat! I absolutely can't wait to find out what you're having! So hoping for that little princess for you and your many boys to spoil. :-)
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Re: How far is everyone now? How are you doing?
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That last trimester is always so hard, it's hard to tell if you're overdoing it or not, you're doing amazing on your steps, I fell off the chart haha I think I got what 15k for the week?? I am really hoping I can make up for it the next trimester :/
Mom to 7 boys (16,13,10,8,4,2yr and 6wks) and several late 1st trimester losses,

Re: How far is everyone now? How are you doing?
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I'm glad you've made it to 9 weeks. Hang in there a little longer and you'll get past this nausea thing. It was hard for me to exercise too and with my issues I didn't do as much in second trimester as I could have but I'm trying to walk a little every day and get my prenatal tea in. When I go to sleep I just tuck pillows all around me and snuggle myself in until I'm comfortable and then off I go! I'm actually surprised how well I'm sleeping at this point.

Lynn I totally understand. Third trimester is hard and I'm about a week away. I remember hitting a wall about third trimester last pregnancy. All the sudden I had to slow way down. I'm hoping that by having fewer goals and just doing the basics this time that I'll be better able to manage as the day gets closer. My striving is to remain calm,peaceful, and relaxed. I guess some of that is shining through! Praise God for that! Are you able to go swimming at all? I remember being so uncomfortable last pregnancy and swimming just wiped it all away for awhile. Feeling weightless in the water, moving with ease, and the water took away my pain. I swam all I could! It still was only a few times ,lol, but I enjoyed every moment of it!

My prenatal tea is a mix of equal parts of red raspberry leaf, comfrey, and nettle. This really surprised me how good it tastes and how good it makes me feel. I'll also take Dr. Christopher's labor helping formula starting in about 7 weeks. I'm hoping it will help me have a smooth labor. Hang in there mamas. We can do it! Hugs!

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