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Anyone preparing for the upcoming school year?
I was looking at the calendar and school is fast approaching! We start Labor Day, so we have about 2 months left of our summer. I've got my order in to the school and I have a few misc. items to order that the school won't purchase because they are from Christian companies.  :eyerollblue:  We got the school room completely redone and organized in May, so I'm feeling ahead of the game this year!  :happygreen:
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Re: Anyone preparing for the upcoming school year?
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I started rearranging/organizing the school room this week. Have part of my curriculum picked, still working through the rest. I'm shooting for starting the week before labor day but we'll see.

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Re: Anyone preparing for the upcoming school year?
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We aren't homeschooled (I know I am in wrong forum lol) our school starts aug 17th which is a Thursday! I am like whose dumb idea was this?? Lol but I usually already have some stash of school supplies going by now and I am way behind :/ I need to start buying some stuff, but pregnancy always puts me behind on everything lol
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Re: Anyone preparing for the upcoming school year?
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I'm looking for sales. We start Sept 15 and go through June 1. I've got most of my books. Just need a few test booklets. 😀

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Re: Anyone preparing for the upcoming school year?
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Hi gals.  I'm thankful I have 6 to homeschool this year, instead of 7. lol  We're starting school on August 21, so we can get done by May 11th.  It's easier getting ready for busy tourist time up here.  It works out well, and we seem to get more done with schooling earlier in the start than later. ;)  Going for the nice cheap notebook sale this week.  We go through alot of them! :D 
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