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He’s here!
I kept failing the nst for high rate rate but after visiting l&d and getting bpp scan he was perfect and they send me home, I saw my ob Wednesday for the last time because all his ob appt were canceled and the rest of the time he would be here was for hospital inductions and csections of his patient, he is in the reserves and they called him out for 90 days to Kuwait(my ob is amazing and literally can do it all lol, overqualified ob haha) anyways lol he sent me a message to come in Sunday to l&d and do nst there, of course little boy failed it so he admitted me and my amniotic fluid was a 6 (don't wanna it below a 5) so of course baby heart rate drops and does good with occasional spikes, all the fluid maybe helped, in the morning bpp scan showed no improvement of fluid, which they pumped numerous bags of fluids in me, so ob decides to induce, I was already having contractions 5 min apart all night with dilation, maybe from the low fluid? Idk anyway exactly 37 weeks Isaac Joel was born weighing 8lbs even, I am doing amazing lol always do after birth because I am not hurting, I can sleep! I can eat and not vomit haha, Isaac is also doing great, big eater also lol thinks he needs to nurse every hr lol but that's fine I love squishy fat babies lol all the boys love him, my 2yr old was overboard excited yelling "baby" and smothering him in kisses lol
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Re: He’s here!
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Congratulations Melinda!  :D
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Re: He’s here!
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Congratulations!!! I'm so glad you're doing well and so is baby!
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Re: He’s here!
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Yay! So glad he's here safely! Congrats, Melinda!
Mother of 7 boys. You're officially my hero.
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Re: He’s here!
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Re: He’s here!
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Congratulations Melinda! I love his name! Glad all is well!
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Re: He’s here!
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Congratulations on your little man! Boy, time has flown. It seems you were just announcing your pregnancy!

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Re: He’s here!
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Congratulations, sweet Melinda!!!   :hug:  :huggingfriends:  :happyhug:

 And welcome to the world, little Isaac Joel!!!    :bounceonflower:  :happyday:

 :dancingpenguin:  :balloonsgalore:  :dancingpenguin:

Joy :welcomewave:

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