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Hello all,
Life has been so busy I haven't had time to write much. Heidi will be 4 months on the 11th of December. She's a very happy baby. Full of smiles. I haven't been able to EBF her this time and it seems our nursing experience is about done. I found a formula based on cows milk that is from grass fed cows and no extra sugar. So we do the best we can. Hopefully she will be able to start on some other foods in a couple months. I think she's about 14 pounds now. How are all the other babies doing?

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Re: Heidi
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Sounds like she's doing well!  I'm sure you're enjoying her. :D
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Re: Heidi
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I'm so glad that you're back, Celina!
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Re: Heidi
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Wow 4 mos?!? Seems like you just had her! How time flies! So happy to hear all is well! :cheerful:
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Re: Heidi
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I'm so glad she's doing well! Eden is 4.5 months already; it's hard to believe! She is sweet, silly, and fairly good natured, unless she's mad--then she's very, very mad! Everyone absolutely adores her around here. We are blessed and busy.  :winkblue:

(I put up some pictures in the photo sharing section)
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