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Has anyone dealt with extreme handwriting difficulties with their homeschooled kids?

My 9 year old son has really tough difficulties with doing any handwriting. He fusses, whines, sighs, and cries, and his hand gets tired and hurts so easily. He writes a lot of letters and numbers backwards and just has a really tough time. I've temporarily switched to doing school orally and with reading for him, because he just can't handle hardly any writing at all.

My 6 year old actually has much better coordination and handwriting than he does. She can do a whole lesson and it looks neat and legible. His handwriting is very sloppy and inconsistent at best and he tires out after writing very small amounts. 

I'm pretty sure that he's not dyslexic, because he's a really good reader and understands math pretty well. He is a very avid reader and likes to learn. He just doesn't seem to have the fine motor coordination to write much and pushing him to do so, only makes homeschooling unbearable.

The stuff that I've looked up, points to dysgraphia. Anybody have any experience with this?
~Ruth, wife to Tim since 11/6/05 and WAHM to Hannah (11), Micah (9), and Abigail (6)

Re: Dysgraphia
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~Ruth, wife to Tim since 11/6/05 and WAHM to Hannah (11), Micah (9), and Abigail (6)

  • Melinda
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Re: Dysgraphia
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I am having the same issue with my 8yr old, I can't even read what he writes, I am in the process of getting him into a developmental pediatrician to get some testing done to see what kind of learning disability he has because I know he has one, I just don't know what
Mom to 7 boys (16,13,10,8,4,2yr and 6wks) and several late 1st trimester losses,

  • Eva
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Re: Dysgraphia
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I don't have any experience with dysgraphia but I have come to the conclusion that handwriting issues are quite common with boys, just from hearing from other home schooling mom's. My 10yr old son hates handwriting. I've never pushed him to do much but have encouraged him to write just a small amount each day. He now no longer complains about writing (it used to be like pulling teeth with him lol). But he still does write some capital letters when it should be lowercase. And he takes forever to write as he's a perfectionist and feels like his letters have to be perfect so he takes his time. He's a great reader though, he just hates writing!
Eva~Texan mom to Abigail (10), Micah (9), Lydia (7), and Eden (4)

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Re: Dysgraphia
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I could echo what Eva said. My oldest does okay. My 8 year old though, he struggles and always has. I just quit writing curriculums altogether last year and didn't make it a big deal. Surprisingly he started writing more on his own making comics and writing journal entries on his own accord. I've eased into a bit of daily writing this school year and he's really taking off with it. I think for him the writing curriculum was more stressful than helpful.

Re: Dysgraphia
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Thank you ladies. It's comforting to know that we're not the only ones with this issue.
~Ruth, wife to Tim since 11/6/05 and WAHM to Hannah (11), Micah (9), and Abigail (6)

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