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Good bye baby
Good Bye Baby

Good bye baby! A sweet good night;
Soon you'll awaken with the morning light:
On that great day when Jesus comes again,
He'll wing your flight to His eternal home.

Oh how my mother heart was filled with joy;
To know that you would be my little girl or boy;
But our Wise God did not think it best,
Instead His will is that you should rest.

And so I give you to His tender care;
One day a little crown you'll wear.
Good bye dear baby! A sweet good night;
I'll see you in that day so bright.

Baby died almost four weeks ago. Working on taking cytotec to complete the miscarriage. Please pray all can go smoothly.

  • Melinda
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Re: Good bye baby
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I am sorry friend! :( Sending love and prayers! *hugs*
Mom to 7 boys (16,13,10,8,4,2yr and 6wks) and several late 1st trimester losses,

Re: Good bye baby
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I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Praying 🙏 for peace and comfort for you and your family.

~Ruth, wife to Tim since 11/6/05 and WAHM to Hannah (11), Micah (9), and Abigail (6)

  • Joy
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Re: Good bye baby
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I'm so sorry, dear Celina!! :happyhug: Blessings to you, my friend. I'm saying a prayer right now. :heartbeat:


Joy :heart:

  • jen1981
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Re: Good bye baby
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I'm so sorry, sending you hugs and prayers.
Married to Andrew since Jan.2001, mom to Keith~Nov. 2001, Elayne~Dec. 2003, Eleanne~May 2006, Elysha~2009

  • Eva
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Re: Good bye baby
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I'm so sorry! I've just gone through this at the beginning of Feb and it's just heartbreaking. Praying for you.
Eva~Texan mom to Abigail (10), Micah (9), Lydia (7), and Eden (4)

  • Jessy
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Re: Good bye baby
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I'm sorry for your lost, Celina. I'll be praying for you.

Re: Good bye baby
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I'm doing ok ladies. A little weak and tired but ok. Thank you for your prayers

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