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New to all of this
For a whole pile of reasons, we are going to be homeschooling (Actually in BC it is called Distributed Learning) our 6 year old son, starting in September.  He will be home with me for 4 days a week and 1 day he will go to a community classroom.  We have registered with Heritage Christian Online School. 
He is our 4th child ( the others will be in grade 9,10 and first year college)

Currently due to several reasons my son is only attending school 1/2 days, so we kind of have already started. 

I am feeling excited but a little overwhelmed.

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How much time does he need to attend online per day?  I heard that online school forced the child to sit in front of a screen all day (7 hours). That seems like way to much screen time for a young child.

I would love to homeschool, I just do not feel disciplined enough to do it. I do not want dd to get behind because of it. I also think that she is doing really well in school but I have told DH if anything seems off in her schooling, I will be pulling her and doing my best to homeschool her.

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Re: New to all of this
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So he is registered in the Distribute Learning program.  Some subjects he will do with me at home and he will attend 1 day a week to a community classroom (they will cover Music, socials, science PE and Art).  He will be assigned a teacher from HCOS who will help me choose which curriculum to use for each subject he does at home.  and makes sure we stay on track!!  His teacher is one of my good friends.  We will report to her either weekly or bi weekly and submit his work 3 times a year.  We can choose online options, but it doesn't have to be.  I can tailor his learning in ways that he learns best.  He can be done his schoolwork in just a few hours during the day.

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Re: New to all of this
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Exciting! Have fun. :D
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